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    • Katie C.

      Round raised bed with strawberries planted in cinder block border and wine barrel pots

    • Jenna Jacobson

      cinder block raised garden beds with plants in the voids

    • Sharon Slabaugh

      I really like this layout! cinder blocks should make it easier for weeds not to grown in main flower bed and then plant a plant in each hole in cinder block

    • Shawnda Bourne

      Small space gardening ideas

    • Mary Opalk

      planter idea

    • Michelle Haight

      Small space garden. This is a great idea for a narrow yard, one can have several of these raised-bed semi-circles against a fence-line. If you don't make them too big around and leave enough space in between each to walk, then you can easily reach every inch of dirt. Like so: \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ . Also for the handicapped, you can stack several rows of cement blocks to raise garden bed up to a workable height. Paint to enhance the look.

    • Becky Corbin

      Garden 2010 - almost finished love the strawberries planted in the concrete blocks

    • E B
      • 3 years ago

      @ Beware: Cinder Blocks contain Fly Ash – a toxic by product of coal burning power plants. The EPA is and has for the last year been doing a study to decide whether or not to label Fly Ash as a Hazardous Waste due to the high levels of mercury, arsenic, and lead; leaving some "Industry Folk" to refer to concrete as the "New Asbestos" or the "New Lead Paint". It may be unsafe to plant any edible plants in or near Cinder blocks.

    • Robi Huggins
      • 3 years ago

      We've used cinder blocks to build raised beds for years now. Have the best garden around with plenty enough to share. Hope I'm not poisoning anyone!

    • Jean Gilmore
      • 3 years ago

      Are you sure they are cinder blocks? New blocks same shape are made of cement with no cinder used. I was told this in the garden shop at Lowes when I was asking for cinder blocks.

    • Rhonda Bolt
      • 3 years ago

      We made a retaining wall out of these last summer. I think next summer I will fill the holes with wave petunias that would look nicer than the weeds haha!

    • Sally Asay
      • 2 years ago

      One caution here: I also use these as edgers in front of my tomato garden, planting them with marigolds. Since the hole is pretty small, the roots of anything planted in them get very hot. Those little marigolds like a lot more water than the tomatoes!

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