• Stephanie Jones

    mason jar herb garden... maybe next to the kitchen window.

  • Nichole

    Indoor Herb Garden idea

  • FluffPop™ Gourmet Cotton Candy

    Reuse your Fluffpop Gourmet Cotton Candy Mini Mason Jar (www.Fluffpop.com)! Kitchen Herb Garden Ideas. #mini #mason #jar #herb #garden #great #idea #fluffpop

  • Sam Martin

    @Sibylle Tornow: This looks like a good idea for growing herbs in the winter! Transformed :: Mason Jar Herb Garden

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Candle Stick Apothecary Jars. You will need 3 candlesticks. These came in a set at Ross for $10. They were primed, then spray painted green. The jars were old Fry's salsa jars soaked in bleach solution and labels peeled off. The lids were spray painted to match the candlesticks. Lastly, the jars were glued onto the candlesticks with gorilla glue.

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Time Out Jar. It is really easy to make. The goal is that when they are feeling out of control, they shake the jar, then sit and watch the glitter settle in the water. When the glitter settles, they can get up. This one is a really great technique to use in lieu of timeout.

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