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Before I kick the bucket: Learn how to skateboard. So I can pretend to be all cool and shizz. Actually, Marty McFly (and his BAMF-ness) is a motivation.

Anyone that knows me at all knows I have always wanted chickens :)

Jeremy and I will have chickens. Right now we buy 5 dozen eggs twice a month! We need chickens!

on my bucket list .... just not expecting 'too much' on this one!

Do you think i can ask this for my birthday? My parents probably won't get me this though.haha they think I'm too dangerous to be behind a wheel:):)

Be in total glam and sass for a day in a fashion show. Done

Model in a fashion show. I got to a few times as a baby and then for Suzy Shier in Grade 9 as well as Mariposa. I also got to be a hair model in grade 10 and model for Guess in grade A fun experience to have at the time.

bucket list before i die – I did when I was little but I want to again

This is a long life dream of mine because I have always wanted to go to india someday and ride on an elephant.

<3 Done! ❤️