Spike granny stitch

Moss stitch - one double, one chain

Crochet Stitch - Tutorial. Very unique stitch.

Basics :: Block stitch (lots of different names: brick stitch, mosaic stitch, 'Chocolate Box') ~ alternating rows of DC & chain stitch loops. So easy it falls into the "mindless" category, which can be a good thing sometimes ;-) This is how I made my blue mosaic blanket (see my board Crochet II)

How to crochet spike stitches

Makes a quick baby blanket.

Tw-In Stitches: Wobbly Squares Blanket - Free Pattern | Tw-In Stitches

pink daisy granny squares

Granny Square Ripple

Crochet Cluster Stitch - Tutorial

Basketweave Stitch... Good tutorial

Crochet Tutorial for Puffy Spike Stitch. This interesting stitch adds texture to both sides of the work and is reversible too :>) thanks so for share xox

Crochet clusters | best stuff

Crocodile Stitch

What a cool crochet stitch pattern to use!

Crochet - Wave Stitch.



Love this pattern, never seen this stitch before.

Here you’ll find 3 very different patterns all using one crochet stitch – single crochet! The variations used with the single crochet stitches, make the washcloths look like they came from the most experienced of crocheters!