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We all love someone in our lives. And you seem to be in love with the right people. Share this post to show the world the people you love.

From Sports Geek on FB - Love seeing people share their first day at cool places to work like Facebook or Uber on LinkedIn. We'll this is what the 2742nd day at Sports Geek looks like. Thanks to all who have supported me over the past 7.5 years

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42 Successful People Share The Best Advice They Ever Received

42 Successful People Share The Best Advice They Ever Received - really great list - would be good to get all of these put on a poster in the study for their motivational qualities...x

Former CIA Officer Speaks Out On U S Foreign Policy & More Profound. Share this widely, so many people's lives depend on it, on you, on us, becoming conscious, and making other people conscious. Your FB share, your re-tweet, makes a difference. Use your online time wisely, we are only on this planet for a fleeting moment.

My Stripy Life: The Good... The Bad... and The Ugly I have decided to share my journey with EDS and CMT. To bare my soul to the world on FB, Twitter and on the blog. It seems strange to most people to share the intimate details of your health but I struggled for so long coming to terms with what my illness meant for me that I feel that it is important to help others. So far this has been a truly positive experience I have connected with and helped people from all over the world and the…

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The 25 Most Influential Ad Execs On Twitter

The 25 Most Influential Ad Execs On Twitter ... a list, by the way, that includes more PR people than ad people, it seems. The key, according to PeekAnalytics (they created the list) is that you must be pithy-positivve - and share obvious truths in your tweets / FB posts, etc. - in order to be considered influential Read more:

Deut 7: Part 1: Chosen, Curses, and Dangerous Covetousness - 3 part devotional thoughts on Deut 7 this time, with this morning's 8:30am verse shared on my FB author page being a perfect intro to part 2 tomorrow. We begin with what some people consider a slight or insult against themselves - God's Chosen People! - Click through to read on. . .

Giving a shoutout today to two of the most motivational people in my social network. @petia702 here on IG and Skylar Hadley on FB. Everyday they are putting out #positivevibes #motivationalquotes and sharing to uplift others. They make you feel better just by being in your #socialnetwork Surround yourself with awesome people that want what's best for you!! #iam1stphorm #1stphorm #legionofboom #teammuscleclub #staystrong #fitness #fitnessjourney #motivation #support #naturalbodybuilding…

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People Catching Popcorn In Slow Motion Is Strangely Satisfying

A strangely satisfying look at something no one is good at. Share on Facebook: Like BuzzFeedVideo on Facebook: Share on Twitter: MUSI...