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    Kurt Gödel & Albert Einstein

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    • Val Pyatak

      Albert Einstein and Kurt Gödel. The greatest physicist since Newton and the greatest logician since Aristotle

    • John Sedlmeyer

      Einstein, with pal Kurt Gödel, always aware that the best accessory is friendship. #alberteinstein

    • Susan Knauff

      Einstein with Kurt Gödel, both living at Princeton, subsequently developed a strong friendship, and were known to take long walks together to and from the Institute for Advanced Study. The nature of their conversations was a mystery to the other Institute members. Economist Oskar Morgenstern recounts that toward the end of his life, Einstein confided that his "own work no longer meant much, that he came to the Institute merely. . .to have the privilege of walking home with Gödel."

    • Gordon Rekcikssa

      Kurt Gödel and Albert Einstein. Photograph by Oskar Morgenstern.

    • Haley McKenzie

      Kurt Gödel & Albert Einstein- Einstein was so cool to me.

    • FLUXIA 2113

      Albert Einstein and Kurt Gödel in Princeton, New Jersey.

    • UX Sherlock™

      Kurt Gödel & Albert Einstein - Repinned by UXSherlock.

    • Sara Hayden

      Albert Einstein & Kurt Gödel.

    • Suzi First

      As you can see by the above picture of him chumming around with Albert Einstein, Kurt Godel was a very, very smart man. His Incompleteness Theorem changed the science community’s understanding of logic, he has a mathematical function (Godel numbering) named after him, and look—up there. With Einstein, palling around. Very, very smart people are known to have quirks and eccentricities, in case you were unaware, and Godel was no exception. Later in his life he became exceedingly paranoid, and specifically became afraid that people were trying to poison him. As such, he refused to eat food prepared by anyone other than his wife—ever. With no exceptions. You may see where this is going. When Godel’s wife became ill and was hospitalized for six months, he literally wasted away. He died on January 14, 1978, weighing all of 65 pounds; the death certificate listed the cause of death as, “malnutrition and inanition caused by personality disturbance”, which is kind of a more formal way to say that he died of being a stubborn bastard.

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