I like to be helpful.

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Have you lost your every lovin' mind? I'm trying to drink my coffee, stop flapping your lips.

I have the same feelings when I look at this picture as I do when I look at the other nature image. It's a very soothing photograph and it reminds me that sometimes it's okay to slow down and take a break from the craziness that life can be. Knowing that play is a healthy, fun way for us to be more productive and creative has really helped me understand how it ties into my autonomy.

I like to think my coffee needs me too.

Most of my Disney mugs are of the adorable Eeyore!!!!!!! I LOVE Eeyore!!!!!!

I'll read my BOOKS and I'll drink COFFEE and I'll listen to MUSIC and I'll bolt the DOOR. - J.D. Salinger #book #quotes #wisdom

for my coffee bar :) @K D Eustaquio Woolery maybe your little side business could print her up a 5X7 or 8X10. Ask her what she would prefer.

Working on my novel, The Young Knights and the Search for Phantom Island, but first coffee ......, Hello Very Nice Collection I would Like to add you as new friend to share pins

Coffee hourly attention !

This would be an awesome day!! Knowing me, I'd probably need a snack with the tea before the workout

I'm not saying you have to get my coffee, but....I will probably love you forever. @hschwartz28 @abigail1610

Use a french press to froth milk for coffee. Clever.

Have you had your coffee yet? #gourmetcoffeealternative

Dear coffee... We had a deal. I'd put you in my body and you would give me super powers. What to heck happened?? (Notice I cleaned the quote up a little.)

"A lovely cup of coffee. One of my favorite things." http://www.coffeeaddict.us/

Drink Coffee - Do stupid things faster with more energy

italian coffee sign. i'd love one of these in my kitchen =)

Audrey Hepburn. So looks like my Rachel. If I'd had another daughter, her name would have been Audrey.

HAHAHAHAAH that's a great pun lol gotta love coffee and Simon&garfunkle like