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  • Allison Heinekamp

    so true! Love my sister as my best friend!

  • Stav

    So true! I love you sis! You're truly my best friend and I'm so blessed to have you in my life :)

  • Noell Auten

    absolutely...@Alyssa Gracik. #loveyou

  • Jenny Pineda

    Love you Carolina Pineda <3 #Sisters #Quotes #BestFriends

  • mar tis

    and best friends make the perfect sisters. #quote #quotes #words of #wisdom #truth #sayings #advice #motivational #inspirational #aspirational

  • Jamie Kelly

    Girls room- so true!

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sisters... I said I only wanted to have girls when I was just 18 years old, and I absolutely feel the same way! Love my girls!

Beach Friendship Art Coffee Art- Summer - Art for Beach Houses - Art for Women - Inspirational Art, $20.00

I dont have a Sister in real life but I know someone who I see as my sister and despite us been a million miles away, and sometimes dont speak or communicate for months and I believe years, I know she will always be there like a true sister KIRSTEN. I miss you and love you xx

Even though we fight, we still love each other. I'm glad I chose you to be my family, my best friend, my only constant in this world. We have been through hell and back more than once. Life && terrible people try to pull us a part. But look at us now... You will always be my best friend. I love you Candy :)

Heather Guymon, Jamie Gren, now that you are both done laughing at what a great sister I am. Right back at both of you!

Sometimes Being a Sister is Even Better Than Being a Princess~Change Sometimes to ALWAYS~I've never been a princess

no matter what I will always love and be there for my lil sis I know that she is my friend for life ♥

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You and I are sisters. Always remember that if you fall, I will pick you up. .... After I finish laughing. #quote Zeta Tau Alpha #ZTA

Love this and this says it all! thankful for encouraging sisters who workout!!!!! Coffee Cup Cozy Girl friends and Sisters Quote by CreamNoSugar. This would be a cute Christmas gift!--hopefully they have other colors