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value mats - how cool to make the greater/less/equal signs kids can manipulate!

teaching numbers. letters

Cute, more fun way to teach greater than, less than, and equal! Let students make and use as assessment tool

We've "Mathified" The Squares Game!

This FREE multiplication facts game makes kids want to practice their facts!

Use numbers on the clips and have students make true statements on the popsicle sticks that have addition, subtraction, division, multiplication, greater than, less than, or equal to.

Stacked cups - could be used for expanded form and comparing and ordering numbers

Several ideas for the conceptually teaching of fractions with hands-on activities.

Math greater less than

Chart order of operations gr 4-8

Advance students' growing math skills as you teach them the steps of solving complex math problems. Back of chart features reproducible sheets, activities, and helpful teaching tips. x classro