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Lebanese stew with peas

Photo: Lebanese stew with peas with rice (bazella w riz) recipe The Lebanese Recipes Kitchen (The home of delicious Lebanese .

Garlic is one spice the lebanese love to eat. The sauce is made mayonnaise style using the technique of oil emulsion in potatoes and not eggs. The garlic sauce can be used as an accompaniment to grilled vegetables or as a spread on pita.

Lebanese Garlic Sauce

The Lebanese Garlic Sauce is not for the soft-hearted. As it is blended smoothly with the rest of the ingredients, the garlic imparts a very strong flavor to this sauce, which also has a pleasant tang thanks to lemon juice.

Arabic Food Recipes: Lebanese Grilled Garlic Chicken - Farrouj Mashwi Recipe

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Delicious and Easy: Lebanese Grilled Garlic Chicken - Farrouj Mashwi Recipe


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Lebanese Beef Chili Stew: Fasolia Beans with Rice Fasolia need to find some middle eastern spices

Lebanese Syrian Bazella Recipe

Lebanese/Syrian Bazella

This dish is a blend of carrots, peas and meat in a tomato-based broth that is served with Middle Eastern-style rice. Arabs are used to having family over-its a family based culture-so its meant to be shared.

Lebanese Rice Pilaf - The Lemon Bowl

Lebanese Rice Pilaf ~ Love Middle Eastern cuisine and this is a classic dish at all the meals! Will have to try this method instead of the classic Chinese style fluffy white rice!

Arabic Pea Stew-Bazalia- stew to add on top of rice. Use fresh tomatoes or pureed tomatoes instead of tomato paste

Egyptian Pea Stew - Fresh or Frozen peas If using fresh, shell them and blanch them in boiling water until they float then strain and .

Fattet Hummus (Chickpeas with Pita and Spiced Yogurt)

Fattet Hummus (Chickpeas with Pita and Spiced Yogurt) (Arabic Food Recipes)

In this Lebanese version from chef Fouad Kassab's mother Isabelle, brown butter tops a layered dish of baked pita and chickpeas tossed with spiced yogurt.

Adas Rishta Recipe - Ramadan Recipes - Nestle Family ME

Try the Adas Rishta recipe for a delicious Iftar feast. Learn how to make of healthy and easy Ramadan dishes with Nestle Family.

spanish Lobster stew with video

spanish Lobster stew with video

Mujaddara is a simple but flavorful rice and lentil pilaf, topped with sweet caramelized onions. Serve alone or as the base of just about any meal.


Mujaddara: an earthy rice and lentil pilaf with aromatic spices and caramelized onions - Budgetbytes.

Grilled Kafta Kebabs

The food for the rich is also more flavoured with a variety of spices. They also have access to more meats that are also cleaner. There have been cases where the fish the poor eat have been moldy.