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    How to Distress New Wood to Look Old - We Lived Happily Ever After

    Gonna do this, but add a towel rod with shower curtain hooks at the bottom for pretty necklaces. And a mirror :)

    How to create a distressed wood photo backdrop. Perfect for photographing crochet hats. :)

    how to distress boards to make them look old for a backdrop or to add other craft on top. Perhaps lettering made out of music or other ideas.

    How to give distressed look | tutorials-showing-how-to-distress-wood-500x375.jpg

    Distressed Wood #Flag to hang in your #Home. You could even make a smaller version!

    diy distressed wood planks. would love to do this for shelving or cabinetry.

    Beyond The Picket Fence: Word to the Wise I want to make a bunch of these for my SHop... Hubby here is another IDEA... :)

    DIY barnyard wood. Beat up new wood if desired, then add Olympic brand Weathered Barnboard stain. Don't wipe off, leave til dry. (15 min). Dry brush primer lightly over top. Dry brush flat gray paint sporadically over top. Add a little black in paint and repeat. lightly sand. Coat with stain once more, seal and done!