long-tailed sylph

The Violet-tailed Sylph (Aglaiocercus coelestis) is a species of hummingbird. It is found in Colombia and Ecuador. This Sylph lives in areas from 300–2,100 metres (980–6,900 ft) in elevation, though typically above 900 metres (3,000 ft) on the west slope of the Andes.

Red-tailed Comet (Sappho sparganura) Male feeding on a flower

Violet-tailed Sylph

The Booted Racket-tail (Ocreatus underwoodii) - also known as Racket-tailed Puffleg - is a South American hummingbird.

Piebald Peacock

Long-tailed Sylph by David Hemmings on 500px


Bearded Helmetcrest (photo: Ian Merrill)

Malaquita Kingfisher

Tail feathers!

Royal blue Jay

Red Hummingbird

These flower pollinators can be found throughout much of the Western Hemisphere and have long beaks and tongues perfectly evolved for drinking nectar. Learn about this amazing and diverse family of birds.

Green-Crowned Woodnymph Hummingbird

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Tufted Coquette Hummingbird

Fiery-throated hummingbird