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    Port Bolivar, Texas

    because we should

    Dine' Tah Scenic Road ... Arizona. Explore the heart of Navajo lands along the 100-mile Dine' Tah (“Among the People”) Scenic Road, which stretches along Navajo Routes 12 and 64 from Window Rock (the Navajo capital) to the magnificent Canyon de Chelly. Imperative roadside stops include the Navajo Nation Museum, Window Rock Memorial Park, and the archeological and historical majesty of Canyon de Chelly.

    It is early so we continue through to Saratoga and my sister's where we started out. Overnight and then back to Vermont. 2011 winter trip has ended on the last day of March

    Have traveled the route so many times I didn't photograph any of Pa --it would be redundant. After what seems like days we arrive back in New York and Binghamton

    The climb up into the hills and return to snow after six weeks of warmth and budding and flowering trees--depressing

    Then the long haul through Pennsylvania on the Interstate

    A little blink through Maryland

    A few skipping steps through West Virginia

    Almost around the corner!

    Front Royal Va----I always feel we are home when we get this far north. Conversely, I feel on our way when we are starting out once we arrive here

    We've been to so many of the Civil War sites in this area

    Etlan, Va

    Madison, Va

    An hexagonal house--I love it much more than Monticello--the dining room in the middle of the floor plan is wonderful

    A smaller farm though by his farm book notations no less labor intensive than the big place

    This was Jefferson's country place--far from the formal Monticello where he did his entertaining

    After going through subdivisions a narrow dirt path leads into another world

    Another rainy day--Poplar Forest

    What a neat art deco garage

    He believed in vocational education--WEB DuBois considered demeaning. Said Washington wanted to make men carpenters, he wanted to make carpenters, men.

    The big house mysteriously burned down in 1950

    Booker T. Washington told his people that they would only achieve greatness through education and hard work--in the upheaval of the '60's much of his advice was considered to be archaic and subservient. Yet, education and hard work are certainly important to achievement I would think

    We headed to another historic site--the home of Booker T Washington, the founder of Tuskeegee Institute, which we didn't get to on this trip