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    • Kristina Sharpe

      this made me giggle... even though i'm a "grown up", i'm still afraid of the monster man that lives under my bed to someday grab my ankles. ;)

    • Jenn Renee'

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    • Lisa Stratton

      So true! I still freak myself out sometimes. It's ghosts not monsters though.

    • Courtney Porter

      Replace monsters with ghosts or aliens and that's the story of my life....

    • Summer Liventals Kjolhede

      So true! Except instead of monsters my mind wants to think about ghosts

    • Samantha Satoski

      Replace 'monsters' with 'every scary movie I've ever seen in my life'

    • Chelsey Woodruff

      hahaha story of my life!! Except instead of monsters it's ghosts!!

    • Becca Yadon

      lmao this is so true...More like ghosts but still funny.

    • Angelica Bruntz

      Every time. quotes-inspiration-funny-stuff

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