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Empower others....don't bring them or you down!!

I am NOT like you and I will be okay with that!!

Renee, Cheri, just have no idea how much I LOVE spending time with you! I feel so happy to finally have positive friends in my life!!! I appreciate you and our time so much more than you know!!!!

Many people play into other people's lives instead of living their own.

The closer we are to God, the more we know which way to lean in difficult situations. During Christ's trial, He knew that there is a time to show ourselves "shrewd" to the "crooked" (Psalm 18:26), rather than to be vulnerable to them.  A modern sage has said, "When you're around sharks, don't bleed!"

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Begs for attention!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Remember to breathe and locate your True Self. PositiveWomenRock... for a weekly Positive Woman Tip & Free eBook/Audio Book "Women: 5 Mistakes We Make That Give Our Power Away." #inspiration #motivation #quotes #positive