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Sometimes when the people you love hurt you the most, it's better to stay quite because if your love wasn't enough, do you think your words will even matter.


Love didn't hurt you. Someone that didn't know how to love hurt you. Don't confuse the two.

Love didn't hurt you. Someone that didn't know how to love hurt you. Don't confuse the two. #love #lovequotes #sayings #quotes

(Open Rp, Be Dan) I was walking down the street when I turn my head and see a boy staring at me. I smile as he blushes and looks down. I walk over to him. "Hello," I say and he looks up. "Hi, I couldn't help but notice how pretty you are," He blushes when the words come out of his mouth. (Credit- Pastel Dino)

The prevalence in the belief of soulmates and twin flames, I think burns us. The world is filled with potential other halves. I don't believe in halves, anymore. I believe in two whole people coming together, recognizing in each other not only the beautiful; but the flaws as well. Trying to love them as perfectly as we can but knowing that they and we, our bound to hurt each other.

Actually I have always known I was strong, and brave, and unique and loving....meeting this person just confirmed what I already knew.

CONGRATS DAN! :) He deserves every single one of the 6 million Danosaurs, and I'm so glad I can be one of them! (Sorry the picture doesn't load in, let's blame my crappy internet connection)

Sarah Koontzfrom Sarah Koontz

To the Daughter who has Failed to Love Her Mother Well

The enemy does not want us to live in unity and he adores discord, especially in the family unit. For many years, I held tightly to the hurts and pains from my past experiences with my mom. Petty little stuff. But Satan duped me into believing I had a right to it, and because of that I was stuck...shadow boxing with my mom, oblivious of the true enemy. This is the story of how I broke that cycle and found freedom to love my mom better.

I accidently just stepped on my dogs tail. He did a little yip and was fine. Meanwhile I'm chasing him screaming "OMG I HURT YOU LET ME LOVE YOU!!!" as he runs away from me.

You told me on numerous occasions that you didn't deserve someone like me in your life, I wonder now that you said this knowing that you were going to have to hurt me. I also remember you telling me that you hoped you would never hurt me because of everything I had done and what I meant to you... I guess for you it wasn't enough.