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lovely- like the idea of basket of slips of paper for the child(ren) to label items

spring nature table - I love the idea of adding the spring bulb flowers to grow

Nature Table from Buggy and Buddy -- I love how this is set up! It would be a great way to have natural items in my preschool classroom

Better than a nature table. A nature area. For learning, rather than decoration.

typeset drawers, nature collections, butterfly and bird posters

article about making a nature table at The Magnifying Glass

This display of the wood and stones is so inviting and would definitely grad children's attention when they are looking for what they would like to play with. I think it's incredibly important to keep loose materials presented in an inviting, intriguing way in order to attract children to explore the materials, and this is a great example of that.

Nature table, I like this idea, as opposed to a traditional altar, a nature table set up out in the open and altar in a more intimate area, or combine the two

nature table. Teacher's added documentation about the project. This si a way of making children's learning visible to families and other colleagues.

Beautiful baskets & display. Have I pinned this one yet? I can't seem to get enough.

spring nature table: I like the big pile of interesting stuff, the sorting tray, the mounted box, the drooping flowers