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Make Your Patio a Destination

The perfect balance between texture and height, inserting a planting bed between two sections of a patio makes for extra pizzazz.

Make Your Patio a Perfect Retreat

Give your patio a unique look by mixing different geometic shapes. More patios:

3 Top DIY Rain Barrel Ideas to Gather Water for Garden

Garden Path Ideas: Flagstone Walkways

A flagstone walkway adds character to this pretty garden. Get more ideas for flagstone paths:

How to: Make a Swedish Flame

How to: Make a Swedish Flame | Man Made DIY | Crafts for Men | Keywords: how-to, outdoor, fire ~ Swedish Flame DIY

Patio Materials and Designs

Brick Cost: Expensive for mortared; moderate for dry-laid. Installation: Professional for mortared; skilled do-it-yourself for dry-laid. Maintenance: Power-wash occasionally to remove moss or grime; repair loose or chipped mortar.