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"Tuesdays Wedding" - Amish women with white aprons walk alongside buggies in fall autumn wedding procession. Amish weddings are typically held on Tuesday's and Thursday's so as not to allow family to prepare without interfering with church services or chores (previous pinner).

Amish wedding - Amish practices evolve over time. As modernization takes place, the Amish negotiate to what degree they will accept and utilize technology and other practices of the outside world. This cultural compromise has allowed the Amish to remain a distinct group, yet survive economically.

Ohio's Amish Country in the fall, with all of the colors, literally resembles a painting.

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Inside Amish life

Women's afternoon chores

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Images from 'The Amish' film capture vivid, intimate scenes from a famously shy and reclusive American religious culture

Amish buggy in the snow

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Getaway in Ohio's Amish Country

Amish customs.. A woman hangs laundry at Yoder's Amish Home. Tours here explain how Amish use straight pins to fasten their clothing to avoid ostentatious buttons and buckles.