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Women and men eat at separate tables. Men are served first.

An Amish farmer tills a field on mule-drawn plow in Lancaster County, Pa.


Women's afternoon chores

Amish transportation

The Amish still use draft horses to pull their farm plows. If a fella has a beard, he's married; cleanshaven, he's single. Good to know, huh?

Amish...simple life.....def. something to be said for them

another world - we could learn a lot from the Amish (and Mennonites) about how to live lightly on the Earth

Bill Coleman photography, really captures the essence of their lives

Ohio Amish children

A backroad getaway in Holmes County, Ohio, reveals the quiet life and artistry of Amish shops, restaurants and homes.

Amish baby.

Amish way of life...earth, family, and spirit. No hours of distraction in front of a TV, no made up "needs" due to consumerism. This life is focused on true reality.



Amish man and his buggy. They take great care and pride in their buggies.