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Related Pins's hard work! This is how my grandfather tilled their garden every year until he died. Grandpa, his mule (Old Kit) and his tiller. Wonderful memories.

plowing horses - A way of life for farm people in Oklahoma in the 30s and 40s. I actually saw my grandfather plow up the garden this way. The horses wore "blinders" on their eyes.

Farmers at work... Horse-drawn plows are a common sight in Amish country.

One of about 15 photos of amish that appeared in my pinterest today. Mind you I ONLY follow fashion/ home style people, so someone thought that these were stylish inspiration. Nacht.

Amish plow. Barefoot. Multigenerational work. Love what this picture says.

There are growing number of people who have decided to live light on the earth to not be a part of problem anymore I spent the last few years with four of them striving for harmony with nature in the most pristine corners of United States.

Idea: row of hooks for aprons in kitchen, vintage aprons would be cute.

I'm thinking of creating a poster board display of all the different kinds of farms in the world - all of God's wonders and all of God's people tending the various crops and animals Amish farming

Amish way of, family, and spirit. No hours of distraction in front of a TV, no made up "needs" due to consumerism. This life is focused on true reality.