<3Amish Children in Winter<3

Amish home

Amish Girl Churning Butter

Amish winter....

A backroad getaway in Holmes County, Ohio, reveals the quiet life and artistry of Amish shops, restaurants and homes.

Sled Boarding - oooo what fun..

Amish Children

Amish Men

Amish children

It's almost like we're obligated to buy this cool Amish print since our move to Lancaster County, PA!

See - Saw...what I did when I was little♥ So easy for daddy to make...

Sweet Amish boy


Amish children

Amish parking lot ...



Amish customs.. A woman hangs laundry at Yoder's Amish Home. Tours here explain how Amish use straight pins to fasten their clothing to avoid ostentatious buttons and buckles.

Ohio Amish children

Learn Pennsylvania Dutch! "Speaking Amish: A Beginner's Introduction to Pennsylvania German"

Amish Family