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Another pinner: Yes, and most recently Casanova-or as I like to call it, "Russel T Davies, David Tennant, and a bunch of people from DW play dress up and make me laugh and cry."

Well, well, let's see......STEVEN MOFFAT IS A GENIUS no hear me out, you've probably seen this before...but it's the first review of the first episode of Doctor Who. Silence will fall when the question is asked...the FIRST QUESTION!!! Look at the first question....Doctor Who?

Ah! So many tear jerkers it's ridiculous! I can't even look at David Tennant without tearing up!

Moffat! No! Don't do it, Moffat! Moffat! MOOFFFFAATTTT!!!!!!

cooking ala melfrom cooking ala mel

Decorating with Prints (Doctor Who, Harry Potter, Wine Themes

I should really write this somewhere that I can see it ALL the time.