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Life Before and After Cellphones [COMIC]

Life Before & After Cell Phones

That was actually really funny. But, I don't like you. Therefore I shall not laugh. *snort*

LOL An apple a day will keep anyone away if you throw it hard enough. | Flirting Ecard |

hilarious letter written by a senior citizen. too funny not to share! this sounds like some of the older folks i take care of!!! @Stacey Whitaker @Lauren Brown

A-!!! Wow. If you don't want to grade essays, don't be an english teacher. You could have at least skimmed it.

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19 Jokes Only Grammar Nerds Will Understand

Sounds like my ex & his bipolar crazy family. They don't live peacefully nor let us LIVE too. FUCK OFF already


Oppan Grande Style

Coffee #119: Ayyyyyy, Sexy Latte. - Oppa Gangnam Style, Starbucks, Cup

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16 Classic Children's Books Retold For Adults

Corduroy | 16 Classic Children's Books Retold For Adults

OMG. So wrong.

OMG. So wrong.
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Accidental Porn

OMG. So wrong.