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    - Shadimals

    Baby doll pajamas

    Actually rolling the window down

    Drive - In Diners

    Prior to my leaving the house, Mom always asked if I had a dime with me to call home if I needed to.

    My grandma used to hold her shorts out like this and sing "You're all dirty and greasy, greasy, greasy (repeat with just one greasy), ransom, tansom and cinnamon and tea". It was out of character for her to be silly, so this really cracked me up!

    The red ink stain to teach you how to brush --

    Remember these?

    had one

    running through sprinklers during the summer... it was a portal into another world when you jumped through. :)

    Mork And Mindy....

    Gomer Pyle...."well golllllllly"!

    Mr. Ed, the Talking Horse T.V. Show

    My Weekly Reader - made me look forward to fridays!

    Remember the library "check out" card?

    Pledge of Allegiance every morning in school.

    true story!

    Hanging clothes out on the line..I remember well! How stiff things were, but oh, how good they smelled!

    When my mom would drop us off I'd get a kiss, an "I love you" and a reminder to be a good DO BEE". It wasn't until adulthood that I figured out what a "dooo-B" was!!! I had to laugh!

    Hopscotch. Played a lot!

    The baton :) I can still twirl!

    Had to have the rabbit ears…..these were to get better reception for our TV

    Milk Delivery….yes, they came to our house!

    S & H green stamps.