Continuing with my series of low cost, simple crafts, I wanted to make a centerpiece for our table.  This centerpiece I made with Peeps is thrifty, because most items are either ones that are already lying around the house or can be purchased at the dollar store.  I started by finding a medium sized vase....Read More »

Simple Edible Halloween Peeps Centerpiece #craft

And the Peeps Go on.simple diy edible halloween centerpiece - just tie a festive ribbon on a glass vase and fill with candy corn and stick skewers inside with halloween pumpkin and ghost peeps on them.

Dollar Store Pumpkin Makeovers - DIY Glitter Pumpkins Three Ways

Fun centerpiece for Halloween. But watch out for the ants! They'll come for these sugary candies within 24 hours.

Halloween Home Decor, Candy corn in a vase with ghost marshmallows and flowers on top. Super easy and cute centerpiece for your Halloween Party.

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Pumpkin eating a pumpkin funny pumpkin halloween pumpkins halloween pictures happy halloween halloween images

Skulls:  #Skulls centerpiece.

Simple and easy Halloween decoration. Get miniature skulls, Spanish moss and a glass hurricane. Play around with the moss and skulls to get them just how you want them.