Rewarding kids with things they get to do instead of things they get to have.

Chore charts; because every mom knows that when kids do their chores, it makes our life way easier! What a cute idea, much better than the white board we currently have :)

Quality Time Jar - Each child pulls out a strip of paper with a special activity to do with mom or dad for 20-30 minutes every day.

Trace hand at every birthday and see it grow

Love the break down using your fingers on how to pray

Baby Shadow box. Totally doing this with all the girls' first things

The Stay-at-Home-Mom Survival Guide: 55 Preschool Activities. LOTS OF GOOD INFANT GAMES TOO:)

50+ Fun Things to Do on a Trampoline

Free printable - no more, "Mom, I'm bored!"... This is going up on our wall ASAP!

DIY Cardboard Box Kid's Activities - 31 Things You Can Make With A Cardboard Box That Will Blow Your Kids' Minds

Kitchen skills, good ideas for things to have the kids do

reward kids cards. Fill a jar with reward cards,each card also has *points* to save up or redeem at surprise box. Great idea!

When the kids fight or misbehave, they pick a stick from the harmony jar. Some things are chores and many are things to do for the other sibling. She has a list. great blog too

If your kids are anything like mine, they constantly leave things out. No matter how many times I say "Don't leave your things out" it happens time and time again. One day I saw something similar to this little project, and I've been meaning to do it for months! It's finally here, and you can…

75 neat things to do with small children! Good ideas for moms, babysitters and Aunties of little Moses', Cruz's and Serenity's!

Love this idea for "earning" and "losing" things. Maybe this would be the righ motiviation for my children to get things done, stop fighting and listen.

put a sticker that has been cut in half to show kids the correct foot for shoes

Top 65 FREE Apps! Getting my iPad today...need to find some cool things to use it for school.

Bored Jar. Fill with things to do (clean your room... or go get ice cream). When your child complains of boredom, tell them to pull an idea from the jar and they have to do it, no questions asked! Love this!

{30} Awesome Kids Apps for the iPad

A great list of things to do with the kids this summer!