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You will only get this if you grew up in the 90s: The Girls' Room and Mean Girls comparison. MIND = BLOWN.

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Love them! They should do a spin off!

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little owl sheltering from the rain under a mushroom | birds of prey + wildlife photography

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Who the f**k actually uses those?

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Mind... Blown...

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The wind never stood a chance.

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Front Doors



Yep, that's about right! But now I am the Mom and my kids are embarrassed by what I say!!! Man payback is heck

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Mind blown

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mind = blown

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hahahaha!!! YESSSS!!!

BuzzFeedfrom BuzzFeed

24 Important Pieces Of Life Wisdom From The Ladies Of "Girl Code"

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On being a tall girl: | 24 Important Pieces Of Life Wisdom From The Ladies Of "Girl Code"

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Gilmore Girls - I absolutely LOVE this scene with Richard and Lorelei!


Dean O'Gorman

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Paula Dean knows best!

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Joker Robin


Mind blown

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The best part about it was that all day I got guys asking “who the hell are you supposed to be?” And I just kept saying “Why are you such a skeez? you can go shave your back now.” And then all the girls were like “OMG REGINA!” and I would be like “Why are you so obsessed with me??” -- I have found my costume for Halloween 2014!!!

Solidarity Sister




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12 things you didn't know about Mean Girls. Some of these are really entertaining.