International Cooking Habits

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20 Breakfasts From Around the World - Infographics to enhance (visual) cultural diversity in the classroom

In Spain, you never, EVER, cheers with water -- unless you're prepared for the curse that is seven years of bad sex

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For how to store all your healthy foods. | 24 Diagrams To Help You Eat Healthier

I'm not a big meat eater, so even I need tips for cooking when it comes to red meat.

Learning with Recipes for Kids: Lots of fun ways to incorporate learning into cooking with kids!

Jamie Oliver has developed curriculum to teach children in the UK how to cook, meal plan, budget, and pass on their knowledge. How do we get this in the US?

Mini pizza bites. These delicious mouthfuls of pizza are perfect for kids lunchboxes or delightly snacks. They are perfect for cooking with kids.

Everyone has their own food hacks passed down from friends and family. Little things that help make your cooking and baking easier, saving you time, and even money. They are the kitchen game changers that will leave you wishing you had found them years ago! Read along as eBay shares ten great food hacks to help make your time in the kitchen a bit easier, and more enjoyable!

Cooking Around the World with Kids: Roundup of resources for your virtual summer travels via books and food.