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dearest deer

Swim practice isn't going well today.

You balance me.


Don't you just love going to the Botannical Gardens?

Photo cheat sheet

fairy tales

Mirror Image by Nobbys Photography :)

sunbeams light the forest

sun showers glorious gold on all gentle creatures & lush landscape!!!

a doe, a #wild animals| http://wildanimalcollections.blogspot.com


"Morning greeting" by Annemette Kuhlmann on 500px - An autumn morning greeting from a deer in Denmark...

Because this is what what everyday should be, and it should be doubly so at Christmas time. AND it can be by using tips from LearningLiftoff.com #MeaningAndMagic

wishes adrift...

Mine is just a simple old human story - of one person trying, with great rigor & discipline, to comprehend her personal relationship with Divinity. ~ Elizabeth Gilbert

Grass - green, green, grass


To go frolicking through a romantic forest while sunshine warms you and your bare feet tough the chilly stones of a trickling stream, and a flowly white dress wraps its self in the wind... Check out the website