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Cap is very similar to ours at Methodist Hospital School of Nursing in Philadelphia. Ours didn't puff up as much in front and had 4 pleats making a pretty ruffle at the bottom in back.

"I have my future planned - I want to be a nurse!" ~ Vintage nursing recruitment poster.

Week 3- Ancillary Characters #3: Anne-Marie would be a great nurse, because she is wonderful with Nora's kids. Also, she has made many sacrifices in her life, like having to give up her own baby to take care of Nora. Nurses have to sacrifice a lot of their time, and Anne-Marie has done that all her life.

My Mother was a nurse who wore a cap like this and worked in the OB dept. Reminds me of her.

I remember my Mom's nursing uniform like this..she'd starch her hat against the refrig and the 7 of us were NOT to touch it!

As I care for my patients today, be there with me O Lord I pray. Let me speak kind words that mean so much, and in my hands place Your healing touch. Let Your love shine through all that I do, so those in need may hear and feel You. (Somedays I think I need to repeat this to myself over and over and over and ........)

don't forget about the wide ass

Nurses. Or creepy cult members that look strangely alike.

Nurse from yesteryear. They looked like this when my grandmother was a nurse before WWI ...

Then, as now, the world can never have too many good nurses.