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    • Katherine Wolf

      A great book about artists in seattle in the 1930s...William Cumming's memoir gives a great feeling for what it was like to hang out with Morris Graves, Mark Toby and Kenneth and Margaret Callahan.

    • Virginia Banks

      My old painting and design teacher, Bill Cumming was an fascinating individual, and an interesting illustration teacher. Here is his cover for his memoir of the "Northwest School" group of artists.

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    William Cumming With his sketchbook

    "Dancing (Pike Street Market)," William Cumming.

    The Man who taught me about color at Cornish when I was just a kid; the last  of the "Northwest School" Masters, the late great William "Bill" Cumming. In 1995, while starring at 'Red Stack' he said my "paintings were so realistic they were abstract" Photo about 2008.

    William Cumming School Girls 56" x 32" Tempera on Board 2008

    When preparing for a 2008 exhibition of his paintings, William Cumming, a spirited and colorful icon of Northwest art, said, "This might be my last show, considering that I am 91 years of age. On the other hand, it might not, considering my arrogant refusal to act my age."

    William Cumming After School 42" x 54" Tempera on Board 1961

    livre-de-matieres: Carnet de travailÉlisabeth gorgeous color and texture

    Sketchbooks by Alison Worman displayed on "The Jealous Curator." You gotta love a site that describes itself as "a collection of artowkr that inspires, & depresses me. I know it's good when I'm left thinking Damn I Wish I Thought of That." Oh I can SO relate!

    William Lee Cumming (1917- , Washington) pen & ink on paper Signed drawing of three figures with coats; this piece is a sheet from Cumming's sketchbook Condition good, with slight yellowing of paper Dated 1959 3.75" x 5.75 image size, 12" x 14" f [...more]

    Sisters by William Cumming Courtesy Gordon Woodside / John Braseth Gallery

    Andrew Loomis personal sketchbook. He is/was a totally amazing artist. He sure could sketch the body.