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    Plant a bunch of these giant allium flowers. | 30 DIY Ways To Make Your Backyard Awesome This Summer

    ~Top 10 Easy Perennial Plants to Grow From Seed~

    Careless Gardener: The top five plants for low maintenance gardens

    Perennial: Forest Beard ... kinda looks like massively huge astilbe from afar (to me at least).

    Ornamental crabapple. Plant one of these for a lavish pop of white, pink, or red flowers each spring.

    Shade garden - I love the edging separating the grass and flowers

    Perennials That Thrive in Shade | Proven Winners.

    Pinus contorta or the Chief Joseph pine is winter hardy to zones 5-8. It has light green color during the warm season, then in the fall, the color changes to a bright yellow that lasts until the following spring when it transitions back to light green. Grows 1' per year to a max of 8'. Plant in full sun.

    I think we can make something similar for our cucumbers. :)

    The Only Shrubs You Need to Grow - A garden designer recommends eight plants that provide reliable good looks without a lot of work

    Astilbe -- one of the easier perennials for a shade garden. They don't like dry or clay soil. Good in a little bit wet areas.

    PINK PAMPAS GRASS - Cortaderia Selloana - Pink Pampas grass can grow 8 - 10 feet tall and will form beautiful pink fluffy plumes that are decorative and very attractive. An attractive ornamental grass as a focal point in the garden. Zones 6-10 (hardy); can be grown in other zones with additional care during the winter months. FULL SUN TO PARTIAL SHADE, up to 10 ft. tall.

    Heucheras for shade areas

    Burning bush -- dark green in summer & red in fall, easy to grow & minimal care, full sun/part shade, 5 ft high, cold & drought hardy, disease resistant, fast growing

    Curving beds - Undulating beds of low-maintenance perennials give a finished look to your landscape and decrease yard chores. Wide green paths curve through this yard in Brown Deer, Wisconsin, a suburb of Milwaukee.

    Angelonia -It's easy to grow and flowers profusely, great plant for our dry spells and heat. Not fussy about soil either. Butterflies love it!

    HOw to Grow Astilbe - Perfect for shade Gardens - Check out this ebook for organic pest control in the garden

    5 beautiful bushes to plant in the yard. good for privacy and very easy on the eye! such pretty colors! buddiea(pink),forsythia spectabilis(yellow), spirea arguta(white), ceanothus yankee point(blue), and weigelia(burgundy)

    Plant Grow Lights with Two Shelves | Gardener's Supply

    Study your space Look at your yard at different times of day, from different angles and in different weather conditions. Take pictures to help you remember what it looks like. Learn where the sunlight falls, where the shade pockets are, where the rain pools. Choose plants adapted to your yard's conditions and your area's hardiness Zone. Here, hostas thrive in the shade of big trees.