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Peg Bow Maker DIY


create @ Mimi Goodwin what will you be making today..oh yeah all those beautiful! ;) happy sewing chica!


glue gun mason jars--write on the jar using a glue gun, once dry spray paint in your choice of color

i was!

Give me a glue gun and glitter and I can save the world!

So manly.

telling it like it is

she believed

I prefer Ruger but agree with the message.

Buy plate from Dollar Store, write on it with a Sharpie marker, bake at 150 for 30 minutes and it is permanent! Just add cookies and it is a great gift.



Great gift for dads that play guitar ganna have to find time to do this with my son DIY Guitar Picks {Tutorial} ~ Mom's Crafty Space

Keep your hot glue guns on a silicone oven hot pad. When the glue drips's easy clean up.

I love Winnie the Pooh!