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  • Karen Zorn

    This is known as silver dapple--- it's a controlled dilution--- different from the hard chestnut with flaxen mane, different from any of the cream or dun genes. The horses tend to have really smoky manes and almost a matte finish to their coats. They show up a lot in minis and Rocky Mountain Horses. This'un's chocolate dapple, but it shows up on all the other hard colors too.

  • Jaimie Lee Kaminske

    silver dapple colt. Rocky mountain MY DREAM HORSE want want want.

  • Ava Julia

    silver dapple colt -most beautiful horse I've seen (0_0)*

  • Lynnette Cameron

    silver dapple colt. I'm not usually a horse person because I've never had the time or space for one but this really is a gorgeous animal. Especially with this coat color

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