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Luminetics to see veins under the skin. Doctors and nurses will be able to tell where your veins are without having to stick your arm numerous times to find one! Video on this story.

This handy Set of 2 Laundry Room Tidy-Cups helps keep the laundry room cleaner by catching drips from liquid detergent, saving you money. Reusable cover snaps together and onto the spout of an economy-size bottle of detergent or softener. Lay the bottle

Great custom compression socks for runners, cyclists, triathletes, crossfitters, nurses or anyone else on their feet or who needs compression. Made in Hickory,NC. Crazy Compression

haha So true. Especially after you've had a baby and haven't had an rest. "Sleep when the baby sleeps, except I'm going to come in here every 30 minutes and ask if you need anything or to take your blood pressure with a machine that doesn't work right so we have to do it 5 times in a row."

Excel tricks every office worker should know

Excel Tricks to Impress Your Boss With - #infographic