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    A small puppy wandered up to U.S. Marines from Alpha Company, 1st Battalion 6th Marines, in Marjah, Afghanistan on ******. After following the Marines numerous miles, a soft hearted Marine picked the puppy up and carried the puppy in his drop pouch.

    This is a soldier from Afghanistan returning home and his dog's reaction... "unadulterated love" at its finest!


    A US Marine rescued a cat


    German Shepherd Rescue and Adoptions

    Little penguin being it just to hear him squeal and giggle...he really does giggle! Too cute OMG so cute!

    Pls repin

    Story about a trio of stray dogs that defended a troop of soldiers in Afghanistan from a suicide bomber ♥

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    He had just saved her from a fire in her house, rescuing her and her unborn pups, then continued to help put out the fire. The firefighter had been afraid of her at first because he had never been around a Doberman before. After the fire was out, the firefighter sad down to catch his breath. A photographer from the Charlotte, NC newspaper, noticed the Doberman looking at the fireman, then saw her walk straight toward the fireman. He raised his camera to capture this photograph.

    Man singing a litter of puppies to sleep - I dare you not to smile. Cutest thing I've seen in months.

    Great photo but read the story behind it! This is an amazing point of view from a 6 year old. Go to the site!!

    Austrian special forces dropping into Afghanistan...including dogs trained to breathe with oxygen masks. they are trained to attack anyone carrying a weapon.

    A scared panda clings to a police officer's leg after an earthquake hits China.


    Cutest. Thing. Ever.


    Hercules, English Mastiff. 282lbs. That's one big boy!

    Sterling Silver Coast Guard Cross Pendant

    Helloooo sunshine