Sliders and mini shooter glasses

The Beer Games. Very popular beer drinking games.

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Epic Beer Tasting Party | Inspired by Charm #PGBestforME

beer tasting party

black paper and write on it with white, silver or gold marker to label everything.

Beer Tasting Party |

Mini Food : It's all about the presentation.

30th Birthday Bash – Beer Tasting Party Ideas. An assortment of beer for all adults to taste test. #partyideas #peartreegreetings

A MINI BURGER BAR!! This is a FABULOUS idea!! So great for a kids b-day party!

Beer tasting party

It may not be very princess like, but the thoughts of mini foods seem so much better, so everyone can have one of everything instead of eating some and getting full before finishing off their taste tester lists!

Beer Tasting Party Ideas

Clever 30th Backyard Beer Tasting Party // Hostess with the Mostess®

Craft Beer Tasting Party 101- Get some friends together and throw a craft beer party- This site has some great ideas for planning your own tasting

Beer tasting party

BEER-TASTING PARTY - Host a pub-inspired beer-tasting party complete with cheese pairings, soft pretzels, burgers and, of course, a variety of craft beers.

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Beer tasting party ideas