A true bibliophile's home library... Me too! LOVED THIS English food writer Nigella Lawson’s private library.

Ah-ha! Next office I will try something like this! A place to sit & read, but not a place I can easily fall asleep, and definitely not a place where people will steal my office for a guest room :)


How's this for a reading nook...

Stigma, Poverty, and Victimization: Roadblocks to Recovery for Individuals With Severe Mental Illness: jap.sagepub.com/... Empowerment and mental health in community: narratives of psychiatric consumer/survivors: onlinelibrary.wil...

Library. I want this, please. Thanks.

pierre yovanovitch. Bookcase, flooring. How organised. How marvellous. Could so easily find what I'm looking for in an #office space like this, rather than spending hours hunting for things!



Coffee Books & Rain Pillow. needs to say Cats, Books & Rain.


Would not want to dust this room but would love to curl up here with the new Outlander book come Dec 2012!



Professor Robert A. Macksey's personal library with over 70,000 books & manuscripts.

I want that library


Bookshelves Unique - Bookshelf Ideas - Living Room Design Ideas (EasyLiving.co.uk)


Office- Study- library-books-leather-chair