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    Pepsi over the years & Coca cola - a classic never changes

    • Ron McKitrick Imagery

      A logo evolution tells a lot about the brand soul searching and its leadership stance. Pepsi vs. CocaCola logo revisions... #design #logo #brands

    • ICanDoThings #Malta

      Pepsi vs Coca-Cola Logo History that's right coca cola is consistently awesome no need for change #cocacola #pepsi #rivalry #global #drinks #brand #sociia #malta DO YOU WANT TO HAVE SOCIAL PROFILES LIKE ME

    • Armando Hueso

      Evolución de un logo y su comparativa #CocaCola #Pepsi #design #creative #brand #ads #marketing

    • Bryan Bender

      logo evolution - Pepsi's logo has go through several evolutions in order to stay conventional. The newer designs use a more modern look with bold simplistic text and limited colors. Pepsi's logo has gradually shifted towards focusing on the Pepsi globe. Meanwhile, Coke-Cola has stuck with it's classic wordmark logotype throughout the companies existence. Coke's logo is designed to make people feel like they are drinking a classic beverage.

    • BrandCenterMX

      La evolución de los logos de dos grandes rivales: Pepsi vs Coca-Cola #logo #design #brand

    • Samuel T Murray

      All Things Design / A comparison of Pepsi’s and Coke’s logos from 1885 to 2008...

    • Paul Biedermann

      Pepsi vs. Coke Logo Evolution - One is called "the real thing" for a reason.

    • Tonya Davidson

      Pepsi VS Coke Logos Which do you prefer? Which brand is stronger?

    • Hennie Bouwe

      Brand logo evolution vs consistency! Pepsi vs Coca Cola

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