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gourmet homemade pixie sticks.. i can't decide if this is an absurdity or just kind of awesome... seeing as how i loved pixie stix as a kiddo, i am going to decide to love it and give it a try....

A handy guide to cutting any recipe in half. Print this out and stick it to your fridge!

Homemade and healthy Pixie Sticks

homemade cocoa

Cut mini marshmallows in half diagonally. Put in plastic bag with decorative sugars. Shake. Sugar only sticks to cut part. Let them sit and petals will puff up again. Attach with icing on cupcake. Super cute!

How To Make Homemade Peanut Butter -- using only peanuts! gimmesomeoven.com

Homemade Krispy Kremes. the actual recipe...

Homemade Goldfish!

Pink & gray cake pops

Wow!. I love ALL of these different popcorn recipes. DIY gourmet popcorn! Movie night is going to be incredible.

Homemade Ricotta

Pre-scooped servings of ice cream, spoons added, rolled in toppings and refrozen. (Adorable birthday party time-saver!)

Homemade Strawberry Fruit Leather | Weelicious

Italian buttery shrimp-Melt a stick of butter in the pan. Slice one lemon and layer it on top of the butter. tPut down fresh shrimp, then sprinkle one pack of dried italian seasoning. Put in the oven and bake at 350 for 15 min. Yum!

Glowing Cotton Candy... Perfect for a wedding or a summertime party :)

Homemade Apple Chips

Homemade marshmallow recipe #homemade #marshmallow

What happens when you put Jello inside of straws? JELLO WORMS! You rubber band the straws together. Pour the jello mixture in the straws. The liquid will fill the straws and around the outer straw. Place it in the fridge until it gelled. Pull out the clump of banded straws. Run warm water over the straws for about 5 seconds, and the fabulously disgusting life like worms slide out! So gross but boys will LOVE it!


Recipe for Homemade Sweet Tarts