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When they leave their toys out, parents pick them up but the kids need to pick a chore to do to get it back. Sort of like the "pick-up fairy" except mine don't believe in fairies anymore. LOL!

Pick a chore for when the kiddo doesn't pick up his toys. Impounded by mom, pick a chore to get toys back. Love this idea!

Tooth Fairy Receipt and many other awesome printables

I love the idea of a tooth fairy receipt for down the road when Sweet Pea starts loosing her baby teeth. I also love the idea of a fairy door somewhere in her nursery. Tooth Fairy Receipt and many other awesome printables

Coloque um pouco de brilho do dinheiro/presentinho que a criança for ganhar e fale que o brilho veio da fada do dente. Elas adoram!

Sparkling Tooth Fairy money with glitter hairspray. It's the little things :) Coco is nonstop tooth fairy talk. Couple glitter money with a teeny tiny letter from the tooth fairy and she will be through the moon. She has a ways to go though.

Have the "tooth fairy" leave a receipt so your little ones can always remember when they lost their teeth. What a fun keepsake!

Love the tooth receipt so you can remember when they lost them. Need to remember this!I wish I would had thought of this years Love the tooth receipt so you can remember when they lost them. Need to remember this!

Roll the dice for chores | Stuck on You

10 Creative Ways to Get Kids to Do Chores

150 Dollar Store Organizing Ideas and Projects for the Entire Home - Page 120 of 150 - DIY & Crafts Either brilliant or the most unpleasant dice game in the world. I opt for brilliant.

KIDS CHORE CHARTS!!! Several different ideas. I like ones that don't have lots of parts that could get spilled or go missing!!

Visual schedule with pull down flaps + magnets. When item is completed, close the flap, and the word "done" is on the outside. I like this as an idea for a visual schedule during the school day for my kiddos.

Ransom Goods: Summer Clutter? Hold it Hostage! | Charlestongrit.com | Bold. Smart. Local. Now. | Charleston, SC

Keeping the House Clean. My parents did this. It was called the 'Saturday Box' and it works! Even as an adult I make sure I clean up before I walk out the door:))

I can't believe this mom did all this! Amazing and all the prep work is already done for you! Disney movie night ideas... Menu ideas to go with each movie.

Disney movie night ideas for the kids. Menu ideas to go with each movie. Great idea for a crazy Disney movie lover like me to do with my future kids!

Quiet time bins - great ideas for what to put in 'quiet time bins' for the non-napper to engage quietly with while others nap!

Quiet Time Tubs

"Quiet Time Bins" for Each Day of the Week + a list of 24 things to put in them! -- this is a great idea for Mason's quiet time in his room daily. Use bins with special quiet time activities.GET a traffic light alram clock to signal when he is done.

What we put our focus and attention into... we create MORE of. What are you reflecting back to your kiddos? Here's a simple, FUN idea to help you "catch them" doing the things you like verse ONLY talking to them about the things you do not. xoxo I do this with a twist - Start by simply writing CAUGHT YOU! & instead of cotton balls, write on scraps of paper the love you caught in action to read one night/wk at dinner. (And drop the part where you remove cotton balls... just focus on the…

Kids listen better to talking it out. Praising them for what they do well is just as important. I can't image how some kids home lives can be. I'm so glad we get to be my boys parent's. They won't grow up in a home filled with arguing.