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Clematis Pot - If you are short of space to grow a clematis in your garden, one of our terracotta flowerpots is the ideal clematis container, thick enough to protect the plants from cold in the winter and to keep the roots cool. This design is the perfect shape and is decorated with a clematis motif. We suggest you consult your local nursery about which varieties are suitable for pot growth.

Buxus Pots - A wonderfully functional pot with a simple band of decoration, designed by one of our senior throwers Andy Gill, with Buxus plants in mind - although it is a good option for any plant or location. A very practical pot, being very wide at the base. This shape gives maximum stability and plenty of room for root growth.

Avocet Pots - This pot is one of our new designs for 2012 and is the ever popular long tom decorated with the Avocet bird. The proportions of the pot were perfectly suited to Jim's Avocet mould! The mould is offered up to the outside of the pot then the wall of the pot is pressed out by hand into the mould from the inside.

Frilly Pot - The sweeping curve of this pot and the petal-like "frilly" rim detail, echo a flower form. Suitable for tall growing plants including lilies.

Ash Hosta Pots - Hosta plants do extremely well in pots, and the rich greens and golds of their foliage make a perfect complement to the pot. One of the practical advantages of growing hostas in pots is that it is easier to keep an eye on slugs and snails. One of our most popular designs with fullsome bunches of hosta leaves sprouting from the foot ring.