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Arroz Con Leche

Vegetarian • Gluten free


1 tsp Lemon peel

Pasta & Grains

1/2 cup Rice, short grain

Baking & Spices

1 Mccormick gourmet collection cinnamon, stick
1 tsp Mccormick vanilla extract, Pure
1/2 cup Sugar


1 qt Milk


1 1/2 cups Water
  • Singing Pines

    Arroz Con Leche Recipe (Rice Pudding) _ This Spanish version is easy. While the ingredients & preparation are straightforward, the results couldn’t be more satisfying. It really is a comfort food dessert in my book, especially when served still warm on a chilly night. The aromas of cinnamon & vanilla … so simple, but so perfect!

  • Rice Krispies®

    Arroz Con Leche Recipe – This rice pudding recipe is an easy dessert to make ahead for entertaining.

  • Kundry

    my favorite dessert when I was growing up: Milchreis mit brauner Butter - previous pinner: A simple Arroz Con Leche Recipe, a Spanish rice pudding, is so easy, yet so satisfying.

  • Chrystal Hanks

    Arroz Con Leche (Rice Pudding)

  • Kim Nahirniak

    Joleen used coconut milk in place, and added some shredded coconut too. Yum!

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Arroz con leche. (Grew up on this dish. I could picture some nuts and maybe for extra fiber some flax meal/chia seeds added into.)

Mexican Rice Pudding – Receta de Arroz con Leche - This is actually quite a simple recipe and just involves simmering the ingredients until the rice pudding is ready. If you want an easy Mexican dessert recipe to satisfy your family, this one is a really good choice.

Around the World Treats: Spanish arroz con leche.

"Arroz con Leche" Rice Pudding Pops actually has a mix for this that customers claim is better than home-made (and obviously easier)! arroz con leche

Arroz con Leche (Milk Rice Pudding) - Dish by Dish

Arroz con Leche (Rice Pudding). This is my favorite traditional Mexican dessert. I remember my mother making it when I was a little girl, and now I wanted to make some for her. Hers was literally just rice, milk, and cinnamon, but when I saw this recipe it sounded too good not to try. So I made it and mom gave it the thumbs up. Coming from mom, that's a certified hit.

Rice Pudding Ice Pops (Paletas de Arroz con Leche) and I just discovered how to get my rice pudding fix in the summer... These would look great done with black rice and coconut mil- the Thai way too!

Arroz con leche my favorite dish to make as a child - Rice pudding with milk and cinnamon • peruvian dessert.