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Everything you need to know about one of the most popular Synchro Monsters around, Red Dragon Archfiend. Red Dragon Archfiend is a star card with brute force and different forms that emphasize victory. Learn about Red Dragon Archfiend and all of its forms right now!

Seto Kaiba with Blue Eyes Withe Dragon. Chazz Princeton with Armed Drago LV10. Jack Atlas with Red Dragon Archifiend. Kite Tenjo with Galaxy Eyes Photon Dragon. Reiji Akaba with DDD Hell Armageddon the Cruel End Overlord. Yugi Muto with Dark Magician. Jaden Yuki with Elemental Hero Neos. Yusei Fudo with Stardust Dragon. Yuma Tsukumo with Number 39: Utopia. Yuya Sakaki with Odd Eyes Pendulum Dragon.

Yu-Gi-Oh!from Yu-Gi-Oh!

Rainbow Dark Dragon

rainbow dragon | Rainbow Dark Dragon - Yu-Gi-Oh!

Blue-Eyes White Dragon was the first Dragon-Type monster ever created in Yugioh the Trading Card Game! See where it all began and the starting point to a great dynasty-the Yugioh Dragons. Learn all about Blue-Eyes White Dragon now!