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dragon mascota

Harpie's pet baby dragon

Taking me back to the childhood...Yes, Kaiba was a bit of a jerk, BUT, he had the coolest dragon in the universe, and his back-story was appropriately tragic. Plus, his little brother, Mokuba. And that is why Seto was my favorite.

Yugioh flash back: Seto Kaiba (and the epic Blue Eyes White Dragon)

In love with this AMAZING art work of #Yugi #Atem with one of his favourite Egyptian God monsters Slifer the Sky Dragon! One of the things I loved about Atem is his faith and determination to overcome any obtsacle life gives him...very much like Seto Kaiba :)

Dark Magician Girl the Dragon Knight by ARTcrazz.deviantart.com on @deviantART

The Great Egyptian Gods ~ <3 ~

The first Yu-Gi-Oh! (=

yusei fudo with stardust dragon. i love the series and the characters :P

Yugioh - Kaiba and Blue Eyes White Dragon

Red Eyes Black Dragon | Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon - arthas

Yu Gi Oh!

Blue-Eyes White Dragon was the first Dragon-Type monster ever created in Yugioh the Trading Card Game! See where it all began and the starting point to a great dynasty-the Yugioh Dragons. Learn all about Blue-Eyes White Dragon now!

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Yu-Gi-Oh! - Dark Magician Girl, The Dragon Rider (DRLG-EN004) - Dragons of Legend - 1st Edition - Secret Rare

Red Eyes Black Dragon

Adopted Logan is the smartest boy anyone could ever meet. But he wishes his parents would appreciate it. Age 15

Blue-Eyes White Dragon Collector and competitor Freedom of time and fun to collect

Harpie's Pet Dragon holo yugioh card

rainbow dark dragon - Google Search

seto kaiba, blue-eyes white dragon and obelisk the tormentor.