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    Red and white giant flying squirrel

    The face of the Red and White Giant Flying Squirrel, Petaurista alborufus. They have blue eyes!

    Snow Squirrel!

    Red fox enjoying the snowfall...

    Giant fruit bat...

    The Peregrine Falcon - World's Fastest Bird -- Clocked at 200 mph

    A squirrel from the British Wildlife Centre in Surrey. Love it!

    Fox in a tree

    I think that these are red lored Amazons, not sure. The 'lore' is the area right behind the beak.

    World's Deadliest - Shrimp Packs a Punch

    Easy, breezy, beautiful... Cover Squirrel!

    Amazon Parrot. I think that this is a Lilac Amazon. Looks a lot like the Red Lored, but the Lilac has purple behind the red.

    Illustration by Charles Copeland for ”Red-Haired Man”, Swank Magazine, November 1958

    NASA Discovers a Water World

    Bears! The white bear is a Kermode Bear, which is a black bear (just like the one on the left), except born white. It isn't albinism, but is more closely related to the genes that cause red hair in humans. Kermode Bears are also called Spirit Bears among Native tribes.

    The Super Supercapacitor


    Polar Bear back stroke...

    Silver Fox. Stunning.

    Gentoo Penguin swimming. What a wonderful sight! We love Penguins at The National SEA LIFE Centre Birmingham!

    ghostly-white-deer by Clear Inner Vision, via Flickr