Bioluminescent Organism: Cypridina Hilgendorfii (It emit luminous blue substance if disturbed. Found in coastal water & sand in Japan. The Japanese harvested these creature for soldiers to use while reading map & message at night).

Thomas P. Peschak

A microscopic image of beach sand #earth #element

Gorgeous seashell Visit

Octopus, Italy

beautiful bioluminescence

giant clams by Brian Skerry

"sea toad" angelfish; a deep sea dweller

Bioluminescent jellyfish

A clutch of unidentified butterfly eggs on a raspberry plant

remnant of a supernova

batfish by Brian Skerry

Electron microscopy of diatoms (species of single celled algae). #biology #marine #botany #microscopy

Yanping Wang, of the Beijing Planetarium in Beijing, China, took this surprisingly gorgeous shot of sand - yes, that’s SAND - at 4X magnification, using reflected light. He took 14th place in the Nikon Small World Photography Contest.

Abalone shell

Eye of a blue dragonfly

Life forms in sea water.

Turtle--amazing colors

Butterfly Egg