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    Bioluminescent Organism: Cypridina Hilgendorfii (It emit luminous blue substance if disturbed. Found in coastal water & sand in Japan. The Japanese harvested these creature for soldiers to use while reading map & message at night).


    Auger seashells live in the sand of warm waters and there are over 270 species.

    Bioluminescence. Australia, Gippsland Lakes

    Yanping Wang, of the Beijing Planetarium in Beijing, China, took this shot of sand at 4X magnification light.


    Sand under a microscope...all micro of sand...has FASINATED ME. colors, textures, size...


    Alexander Semenov


    Sand dollar

    sand dollars

    Starfish Chillin' On The Sand...

    Jellyfish--Pelagia noctiluca

    AZADAM, HAWAII VOLCANOES NATIONAL PARK 2005: black sand beach. In 2006 I brought home some of this black sand. I miss Hawaii.

    Bioluminescent Mushrooms

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    sand patterns...nature's art

    Live Sand Dollars. Most people probably don't realize that sand dollars are not those bone-colored shells that we are all used to seeing. They are a type of starfish that's fuzzy, and in the case of these, with a slight purple tint. They sit at all angles on the bottom of the ocean. What we normally see is the outer shell after the fuzz has died off and left nothing but the skeleton.