Celia Hammond, portrait by Terence Donovan


Celia Hammond


Celia Hammond

Celia Hammond

Du Juan in Esquire China, January 2013 (simplified Chinese: 杜鹃; traditional Chinese: 杜鵑; pinyin: Dù Juān; b. Sept 15, 1982, in Shanghai, China) Fashion model, film actress, former ballet dancer. World's first international Chinese supermodel, first and only Asian model on cover of Vogue Paris.

like the light

natural framing, sepia/vintage tones, position of subjects, candid portraiture

Night Circus - Isobel!

I would like to include a strong lighting regime to show that we are dealing with someone who cares about light (ie a fellow photographer) Large Format, view camera, film, analog, black & white, portrait, women, lady, girl

sunny harnett

Floppy Hat

Carhartt WIP Women F/W 2011. W' Pandora Jacket, Virgil Beanie

Beautiful / {do you know the photographer?}

Poppet seeing stars

Andrew Leung

Dots, eye block

“I love the feeling of the fresh air on my face and the wind blowing through my hair.” ~Evel Knievel

50 Portrait Ideas Posing Guide

Looking out of a cafe window... Portrait full of texture from the reflections in the glass. Great for senior portraits.