it was....


Only 90's kids know Littlefoot!

Monty Python

50 Things That Look Like Your Childhood. I remember every single one of these! had fun looking at this!

Lego Movie Everything is Awesome Tshirt by FishbiscuitDesigns

"It's so fluffy!!!"

You're Killing Me Smalls! : The Sandlot. HAHA, GREATEST MOVIE OF ALL TIME.


All the childhood feels...

If you know what this means, you had an awesome childhood :) @Teila Shaver McCallum McInerney well, my childhood sucked...

That was me!

That's one doodle that can't be undid, homeskillet.

35 things you will never see again in your life.

That is exactly what I've always said!

Finding friends before cell phones. Leave our bikes on the lawn. Remembering the 80's.

<3 this movie!!!

you is...

I don't even care if no else gets it, this movie is awesome!!!!

boobs win haha