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I always liked these works by Rothko, but appreciate them much more after seeing QCT's excellent play "Red" recently. "Untitled Red" By Mark Rothko

Mark Rothko, Fine Art Print  Olive, Purple, Gold, Yellow, Red-Brown, Violet. N.B. Purple and Violet sit at opposite ends of the visible color spectrum.

Purple And Olive

Mark Rothko (Daugavpils 1903 _ New York 1970) "Earth and Green" 1955 (olio su tela) Museum Ludwig, Cologne, Germany

Mark Rothko (Daugavpils 1903 _ New York "Earth and Green" 1955 (olio su tela) Museum Ludwig, Cologne, Germany

No. 21, 1949 Mark Rothko

21 - Mark Rothko, Completion Date: Style: Abstract Expressionism, Genre: abstract painting, Technique: oil on canvas

Mark Rothko

"I don’t express myself in my paintings. I express my not-self." –Mark Rothko, September in 1903 (left us in Painting: Mark Rothko, Green Over Blue, 1956 via: parabola-magazine.

Mark Rothko,  "No 1 (Royal Red and Blue)" Courtesy Sotheby’s

ONE Sotheby's will be participating in the upcoming Contemporary Art Auction in NYC that will feature pieces by Mark Rothko, Andy Warhol, Willem DeKooning and others. This piece is by Mark Rothko.

Turner es mi pintor favorito de todos los tiempos. sus cielos me apasionan!

The Burning of the Houses of Lords and Commons, 16 October, 1834 Joseph Mallord William Turner Oil on canvas, 1835 92 x cm Cleveland Museum of Art, Ohio