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Rhythm: Rhythm can be described as timed movement through space; an easy, connected path along which the eye follows a regular arrangement of motifs. The presence of rhythm creates predictability and order in a composition. Rhythm depends largely upon the elements of pattern and movement to achieve its effects.

Movement: Movement in a visual image comes from the kinds of shapes, forms, lines, and curves that are used.

Emphasis - what grabs your attention? Don't worry about what to do to that blank piece of paper just sit back and allow it to happen

The ABCs of Art- Learn about the principle of emphasis in design and art.

amazing principles of design worksheets

Emphasis, Principles of Design

Pattern: Pattern uses the art elements in planned or random repetitions to enhance surfaces of paintings or sculptures. Patterns often occur in nature, and artists use similar repeated motifs to create pattern in their work. Pattern increases visual excitement by enriching surface interest.

This image uses emphasis which is one of the principles of design. The color and position of the sun in this image draws attention to it.

Principles of Design: Proportion, Harmony (Unity & Variety) Rhythm, Emphasis, Scale (MISSING), Balance

Although I should pin this on my Zentagle board...I like the inspiration for a journal page.