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Mind you, if you're a Drawing student and you learn how to perceive negative-space, and you take into consideration your format (maybe by using a viewfinder) these will come naturally. But remember "Form follows function," and good design should 1) Capture attention 2) Hold attention and 3) Direct Attention and your compositions will have impact and be effective.

Printable materials on emphasis in art and design

Great handouts for each element and principle!! Printable in color or b

emphasis. This website has a worksheet for each principle of design, as well as nice value study exercises

Emphasis, Principles of Design

Pattern: Pattern uses the art elements in planned or random repetitions to enhance surfaces of paintings or sculptures. Patterns often occur in nature, and artists use similar repeated motifs to create pattern in their work. Pattern increases visual excitement by enriching surface interest.

Principles of Design: Proportion, Harmony (Unity & Variety) Rhythm, Emphasis, Scale (MISSING), Balance

I'm including this poster as a link to a discussion from Art With Mr. E on the principles of design. He has included several posters - and all are just a bit different!

The ABCs of Art- Learn about the principle of pattern in design and art.

questions about elements - How much do you remember? This site has quite a few resources for quizzes /tests/ lessons etc